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GALLERY: Gringo De Mayo – Austin – May 28

GALLERY: Irvine Improv Mar. 22

GALLERY: Levity Live Oxnard Mar. 12

Protected: Avails

GALLERY: Ontario Improv Dec. 6, 2016

Gallery: San Jose Improv 11/16/16

GALLERY: El Paso Comic Strip 11/12/16

El Paso Comic Strip 11/10/16: Photos

El Paso Comic Strip 11/10/16 – Gallery

Join the Schwartz Force

Throw Shade Bonus Freestyle by Black Unicorn aka Tiffany Haddish

El Paso Comic Strip Feb. 24-28 Photos

“Throw Shade” feat. Bon Qui Qui (Anjelah Johnson) and Black Unicorn (Tiffany Haddish)

No Gender Love Jam

Birthday Recap!

Come to My Birthday Show on My Actual Birthday!

Let’s Raise $3500 for Throw Shade

Holiday Party with Kira Soltanovich at Brea Improv Dec. 23.

Drake Parody – History of Hotline Bling

RecordBreakerz set World Record for Most Name Drops in a Live Freestyle!

I’m Sorry – Yom Kippur

RecordBreakerz: Champions of Musical Comedy at Comedy Store Hollywood 9/17

Meet SNL’s Newest Cast Member, Jon Rudnitsky…and his Mom

Eric Schwartz Comedian Unveils New Web Site Design

On The Beat – T.J. Miller

Straight Outta Compost

Women of Comic Con Have Smelly Shoulders

Recap: RecordBreakerz at Hollywood Improv

What is RecordBreakerz?

RecordBreakerz: Hollywood June 27

RecordBreakerz: Thousand Oaks June 19

“Between The Sheets” with Josh Macuga and a Dog

Transracial NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal Inspires Me to Reveal I’m Transfollicular

Comedian Breaks World Record for Underwater Somersaults – FAIL!

Roast Beef: A Comedy Rap Battle!

Las Vegas Laugh Factory Apr. 27-May 3

Gringo de Mayo

I’m on the Vans Warped Tour

Las Vegas Laugh Factory Apr. 27 – May 3: Don’t Hack My Headline!

Ugliest Place I’ve Ever Been For Work

Eric Schwartz at El Paso Comic Strip

Re:Fresh Podcast Ep. 4 – Synthetic Prophetics

Join me at Laugh Factory Hollywood 3/10/15

Valentine’s Day Grammar-Gram – “Valentime”

Holy Cow – I Went To India: An American Invasion at the Weirdass Pajama Comedy Festival

Eight Hanukkah Parodies in Four Minutes

Breakdancing Cop – NYPD BLUE: Electric Boogaloo

Russia Vows To End Gay Pollution

T-Pain is Real!

MAGIC! – Rude (Parody) – Nude (Song Only) – Celebrity Photo Leak

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival Day 6 Recap: Jim Jefferies

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival Day 5 Recap: Kirk Fox, Ben Glieb, Andrew Dice Clay

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival Day 4 Recap: Brad Williams and Jay Mohr

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival Day 3 Recap: Russell Peters and Hot Funny Femmes

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Fest – Day 2: Christopher Titus and Supernaked

Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Fest – Day 1

Smooth-E Comedy In Santa Barbara

How Justin Timberlake Ties His Shoes

Jumping Off The Page

American Apparel Founder Dov Charney Dances Naked! (Re:Fresh)

Huge Summer Blowout!

Sexy Summer Solstice

World Cup Takeover! (Re:Fresh)

Graduation Gift 4 U – (Schwartz Reportz)

Hip Hop Commencement Speech

Re:Fresh – Tech, Sex, Specs, Pecs

Dummer in Summer?

Save Water…Pee in the Shower!

Re:Fresh – Rihanna’s Dress–Yes! Then, No!!!

Hot Dog! I’m On Annoying Orange

MYleficent – Create Your Own Maleficent Poster

Justin Timberlake Impression!

One Direction Smokes Dr. Dre’s Chronic

Schwartz Reportz – Vlog Virginity Violated

Turn Your Shortcomings Into Superpowers

Re:Fresh – Macklemore Hates Jews?

Godzilla Vs. Gecko

Proof Hip Hop is Real Music

Eric Schwartz Stand Up – Quarter Step Mexican (Surrender to the Blender)

Gringo de Mayo!

What Adam Silver Wishes He Could’ve Said to Donald Sterling

Comedy Special Reviews – Part 3

How Justin Timberlake Does Taxes

Eric Schwartz – Wearing Glasses, Tappin’ Asses (Stand Up) – “Surrender to the Blender”

Comedy Special Reviews, Day 2

Comedy Special Reviews, Day 1

Eric Schwartz Smooth-E – “Surrender to the Blender”

“Surrender to the Blender” Stand Up Special on Hulu Apr. 1

Sochi Update with Sergey Bulshetnikov – 2014 Winter Olympics Comedy

Upside Down Balls Shirts!

Justin Timberlake Parody: Justin TimberFAKE! – How Justin Do Ep. 1 – Rice

Super Bowl Comedy Challenge: Heebow vs. Mos Valuaba Playaz

New Year’s Comedy: The 20/14 Experience

Jewish Christmas: 5 Advantages, 555 Disadvantages

Tubeathon: My 15 Seconds Raises $25K

Mandela Sign Language Correction Attempt

Smooth-E vs. Lance Bass!

My Shalom Cabrón Shirt Causes Panic!

Thanksgivukkah Menurkey Catches Fire, Smells Amazing

Thanksgivukkah: The Menurkey

A Brake Up

How To Make It In Hollywood

Comedian Shirts: Too Cool?

Eric Schwartz – Free Hugs! – Stand Up Comedy

Eric Schwartz – Heart Hands – Stand Up Comedy

I Made It!

Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E – Surrender to the Blender

Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E – “Surrender to the Blender” Trailer

Dapper Don Parmesan hosts “Know Your Peeps”

The Kevin Nealon Show: Flat Booty Girl

“Flat Booty Girl” Music Video

One-Hour Comedy Special – Preorder Now!

Eric Schwartz as Justin Timberlake

Smelly Shoulders

Spoon vs. Fork

Internet Troll PSA

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 8

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 7

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 6

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 5

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 4

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 3

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 2

Gringo de Mayo: Episode 1

“Obama Style” – Psy “Gangnam Style” Parody

“Some Music That I Used To Love” – Gotye Parody

“Baldilocks Anthem” – LMFAO Parody

“Gassy and I’m Bloated” – LMFAO Parody

Honika Electronica

“Can’t Afford It” – T-Pain Parody

Crank That Kosha Boy