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Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival Day 5 Recap: Kirk Fox, Ben Glieb, Andrew Dice Clay

Saturday was the busiest night of The Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival and I was beginning to feel a lack of sleep from shooting all day and night.


Luckily, I was recharged by my red-carpet co-host Nadine Rajabi.  She embodies the same qualities I value in myself:  Pretty, funny and gangsta.

The first special taped tonight was “Kirk Fox, That Guy.” I’d been an acquaintance of Kirk before the festival, but we’ve really become fast friends over the past few days.  He’s a laid-back guy you’d want to hang out with to hear his naturally funny perspective on life.  His special, “That Guy” paints him as “that guy” you might see staring at your girlfriend in the bar.  Or following you in your rearview mirror. Or listening to a police scanner for fun.  An acute observer, Kirk will easily win over a sizeable fanbase once this special drops.

You may know Ben Gleib from his countless appearances on Chelsea Lately, his new GSN show, Idiotest or as the voice of Marshall the Sloth from Ice Age – Continental Drift.   But after shooting his first hour special, you will know him for his instant likeability, reflection on pop culture and love of delicious drinks.  Not only did he deliver a hilarious hour addressing every group on the map from Asians to vegans, he wove in about 20 extra minutes of brilliant crowd work, showing he’s as good off the cuff as he is on the page.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for years and he always creates a fun atmosphere wherever he goes.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Ben’s afterparty because the fun was just beginning at the Lobero Theater.

Next, Andrew Dice Clay presented six shockingly funny comedians: Erik Myers, Steve Wilson, Michael “Wheels” Parisi, Eleanor Kerrigan, Jason Rouse, Cory and Chad (The Smash Brothers) and Colin Kane. “The Blue Show” had an “anything-goes” attitude.  And everything went.

First up was Erik Myers, a comedian I recommended to the festival.  He absolutely delivered, instantly winning the crowd over with his frenetic personality and voice two octaves higher than a normal human’s.  Other memorable moments included Colin Kane coaxing an innocent woman to touch his junk and Jason Rouse breaking the shock barrier.  This was a perfect environment for Jason, who could make Lucifer himself squirm from the graphic nature of his act.   Comedy twins The Smash Brothers told so many crotch stories, I called them Tweedledick and Tweedledong.  These guys are so fun to watch, it’s no wonder they are selling out clubs.


Nadine and I got to interview most everyone on the show, but I was bummed I didn’t get to interview Dice.  I really wanted to recount the story where he sat next to me at an outdoor eatery and asked if it would be OK if he smoked.  “You’re Dice,” I replied.  “I’d be offended if you didn’t.”

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