Headshots Recordbreakerz

Recap: RecordBreakerz at Hollywood Improv

Our first Hollywood show in RecordBreakerz was a huge success.  Myself, Bushwalla, J. Chris Newberg, Josh Adam Meyers, Jeff Richards and Melissa Villaseñor played to a packed and pumped house. We were attempting to set the record for Most Headshots Ever Brought to a Musical Comedy Show.  Given the theme, I started the show like this:

As host, I warmed up the crowd like sweet peach cobbler.
Eric Schwartz Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Next, Melissa Villaseñor delighted them with spot-on musical impressions of Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and more.
Melissa Villasenor Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Acoustic humorist Bushwalla strummed belly laughs.

J. Chris Newberg’s deadpan turned people into lifepots.
J Chris Newberg Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Josh Adam Meyers shattered them with his hard rock scream.
Josh Adam Meyers Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Jeff Richards’ offbeat treats were on beat.
Jeff Richards Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

I came back with a multimedia presentation called Multicomedia.
Eric Schwartz Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Bushwalla and I finished off the show with a new song for all the friends out there called “Hey Buddy.”
SmoothBush Hollywood Improv RecordBreakerz

Posting up post show the show with Jeff Richards and RecordBreakerz publicist, Sindy Godfrey.
Jeff Richards Sindy Godfrey Eric Schwartz

And in the end, we DID set the record for Most Headshots Ever Brought to a Musical Comedy Show with four headshots! Way to go, #SCHWARTZFORCE!
Headshots Recordbreakerz

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