Justin Timberlake Impression!


In this clip from “Surrender to the Blender,” I do my Justin Timberlake impression.  He’s my favorite singer because he sounds silky smooth, dances real good and has no flaws as a person.  The only mistake I can recall him ever making is buying Myspace.  But, come on, he BOUGHT Myspace.

Justin just performed in Israel, where they named a melon after him!

From Jerusalem Post (via Heeb):

The new “Justin” melon is yellow on the outside and orange on the inside. It is known for its sweet taste and its three-week shelf life”

Was that supposed to be an allusion to the disposable nature of pop music?  I don’t care how fast the melon spoils…in my book, JT’s shelf life is the life of the shelf.

Read more at Heeb.

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