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An unassuming nerd unleashes a mind-blowing show filled with musical comedy, physical antics, multicultural satire and social commentary.  Eric Schwartz is one of the most creative and original comedians working today, earning the description, “everything there is to love about entertainment” (First Order Historians). With appearances on The Tonight Show, Showtime, Comics Unleashed, BET and more, this multi-dimensional showman’s stand up, songs and characters are spreading worldwide. GQ India names him one of “5 International Comics You Must Catch,” while his viral videos have aired on E!, G4, CNN and OMG Insider. YouTube recently named him one of their prestigious NextUp Creators.  “E! News Daily” host Ryan Seacrest says Schwartz is “rocking the web” with “video that’s got everyone Googling” and applauds him for having “a minor industry in pop music parodies.”

“Surrender to the Blender” Press Release



Multi-Talented Comedian Eric Schwartz Aka Smooth-E Proves His Talents Go Beyond Web Videos And Back Again

Los Angeles, California – You may be an Eric Schwartz fan and not even know it.

For years, Eric Schwartz has entertained millions with his popular, online hip-hop parodies and sketches.  What many web viewers don’t know is that Schwartz is renown for his electrifying live stand-up show.

Schwartz may look like tech support, but behind his geeky facade lies a multi-talented showman who goes from wimp to pimp, delivering an hour of riotous laughter in the release of his debut, one-hour live comedy special, “Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E – Surrender to the Blender.”  Schwartz proves he is a talent ready to fit on any screen that can contain him.

“There has always been a disconnect between my Internet and live audiences,” says Schwartz.  “One of my goals with this special is to blend the two together and create an endless loop, so that the show never stops.”

As a title, “Blender” signifies a constant theme of bringing people together through a mixture of entertaining elements.  As suave, rapping alter-ego Smooth-E, “‘Surrender to the Blender’ means I want the audience to give in to my charms,” Schwartz says. “It also also represents my multi-cultural upbringing and message of co-existing.  But most importantly, it means that I blend comedy, music, video and technology into my own style on stage.  Take a sip!”

As a self-proclaimed “Quarter step-Mexican Jew,” Schwartz grew up in Southern California with Jewish biological parents and a Mexican step father.  This inspired his dream to become the first gringo mariachi, “El Gringo De Mayo.”

This is just one of many hilarious characters Schwartz presents, along with mind-blowing musical comedy, physical antics and multicultural satire.  Schwartz offers an alternative to the same boring jokes in front of a brick wall, whipping the crowd into a delighted frenzy with a skill set similar to Jimmy Fallon or Adam Sandler.

Schwartz has appeared on The Tonight Show, Showtime, Comics Unleashed, BET and more. In addition to his creations airing on E!, G4, CNN and OMG Insider, YouTube tapped his SuburbanHomeboy channel to participate in its prestigious NextUp Creators program first-ever Comedy Week in 2013. says he “has a minor industry in pop-music parodies,” while describes him as “brilliant.”

“Blender” is a grass-roots production, independently created by Schwartz’s Suburban Homeboy Productions, LLC, with co-executive producer Zach Miller and co-executive producer/director Ron Eigen.  It released exclusively to on Nov. 5, 2013, with distribution to iTunes and Amazon slated for December and Netflix for early 2014.

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